Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Be like the bluebird....

It would be fair to say I felt a little - deflated at the end of rehearsal last night.

The first half had gone really well, running the Gloria for the first time in weeks had flagged up a couple of slightly sticky areas, but nothing too problematic, and nothing that couldn't be solved with a bit more rehearsal and closer attention to our conductor.

It was the Missa where it all fell apart slightly. Bits I thought I'd got nailed I kept messing up, and bits that I'd been bothered about went ok. Part of it was probably due to the fact that because holidays and illness, the soprano line up was smaller than usual, and arranged differently, so I was hearing different people to normal. It's not really a valid excuse though, as how we sit in rehearsals isn't always concert formation.

Thanks to some note bashing and lots of running the Credo was sounding better, and the Cum Spiritu was getting there as well, but I'm going to have the recordings on constantly this week - and next week will be brilliant!


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