Saturday, 10 January 2015

Gloria, Gloria!

Chorale rehearsals started on Tuesday night after the Christmas break, and its good to be back.

It was our first proper rehearsal on the Missa Solemnis, which I've been looking forward to starting. The Kyrie went pretty well for a first bash, and has some really lovely moments in it (bizarre to think that Mozart was only 12 when he composed it). The Gloria was much more tricky, there's a fugue-style bit in the middle, where every part is singing something different at different times - it was very much a case of hang on for dear life and just keep singing. As Ian said after the first run 'The last two bars were excellent' - the rest of it needs some work. Still, it was only the first rehearsal.

We also had a run through of the other piece for the March concert, Vivaldi's Gloria which was great to hear again. We've done the Gloria before, though to be honest, listening to the whole thing this week, there were only two pieces I remembered, so that might require some note-bashing as well.

We were glad to welcome 3 new potential members who came on Tuesday to see what they thought of us - if you'd like to do the same, you'd be very welcome. Rehearsals start 7.30 at Northcliffe Church, Shipley.

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