Thursday, 22 January 2015

Little things mean a lot..

and having all your pages means you can follow what's going on!

I got a bit confused last week, as in the middle of Gloria's Domine Fili what the sopranos were singing didn't bear any resemblance to the music on my page. My sight reading is pretty poor, but I knew there was something up when I got to several bars rest and everyone else carried on. Turns out my poor, battered copy of the Gloria was missing its middle 4 pages.

Brand new, shiny copy in hand (not that I went though the box to find a new one, of course) the rest of rehearsal went far more smoothly.

This week included the fastest rendition of the Gloria ever heard as we rattled though all the main pieces in record time. For all its brevity though, the majority is sounding really good. The Missa Solemnis is also coming on well, though the Cum Sancto Spiritu is still a case of 'hold on tight' in places, but we've plenty of time yet.

Tickets will soon be available - so details will be following.

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