Saturday, 26 May 2012

Two out of three ain't bad...

On Tuesday we started by running both of My Heart is Inditing and Let Thy Hand Be Strengthened. Both consist of three pieces and strangely, with both, two out of the three sounded really good, the other one, not so much. Thankfully we've still got a couple of rehearsals to get things sorted. The other pieces for the concert are getting there too, we just need to enunciate more and get some more shape into things.

To whet your appetite for the concert, here's one of the pieces we're doing - and hopefully we'll sound just as good...

If you'd like tickets for the concert on 16th June at St. Paul's Church, Shipley, please go to the website or see any member of the Chorale.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Get ready for the Jubilee, Hooray, Hooray!

Hello again!

Sorry for the radio silence, I've been on holiday.

So a brief update on what's been happening. The concert on the 21st was a great success, with so many people turning up on the night that we ran out of tickets! All the reports I've heard said that it went very well and both audience members and members of the Chorale really enjoying performance of the Requiem.

Onwards and upwards to the June concert, which is on 16th June at St Paul's Church in Shipley. The concert is titled 'Anniversaries' so includes Coronation Anthems by Handel 'My heart is inditing' and 'Let thy hand be strengthened'. Thanks to the Chorale's website (check it out for more details on the Chorale) I've also learnt that 2012 is the 150th anniversary of Edward German, and the 100th anniversary of the death of Samuel Taylor-Coleridge, so the concert programme also includes some of their works.

Rehearsals are going well, as ever, for a newbie like me, the first few rehearsals of any new piece is very much a case of hanging onto the tune for dear life, but having done Messiah, the Handel stuff isn't quite so white-knuckle as usual. More of a tea-cup than a roller coaster. My new favourite though, is the Samuel Taylor-Coleridge piece 'The Viking Song' - it's completely daft, but makes a nice change.