Thursday, 24 September 2015

Getting back in the groove....

It's been so nice to get back to choir on Tuesdays. The majority of choir members are very familiar with the Messiah, having sung it a number of times in various choirs over the years, so for the first couple of rehearsals, we've been sounding pretty good. Even though I've sung Messiah before myself, I'm still having moments of looking at the page and thinking 'No, no idea how this goes' and trying to sing on sight (always a worry for me).

We've also got an open rehearsal coming up on the 6th October for our big Spring Concert of Bach's St Luke Passion. I understand (being something of a classical music numpty) that the St Luke isn't performed as often as some of Bach's other choral works, so it'll be great to get our teeth into this in a couple of weeks. Singers of any part are welcome to come along and get a taste of what we do,  7.30, Northcliffe Methodist Church, Shipley.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

In old familiar places...

I'm so pleased that choir starts back tonight with rehearsals for Messiah - as always, new members are more than welcome. 7:30, Northcliffe Church, Shipley.