Thursday, 28 June 2012

We're all going on a Summer Holiday

So it's grey skys and rain all round, summer must be here!

The Chorale's summer concert at St Paul's Church went really well, though the audience was a little smaller than we had hoped. Those that did join us were not only treated to the Chorale's pieces, but some very impressive organ and piano pieces from our guests as well.

The mix of pieces, which at least at rehearsal stage had seemed a bit ... eclectic made much more sense in performance order, starting with the formal ceremonial music and ending with the lighter pieces. All in all an excellent evening's music and lovely start to the summer holidays.

We start rehearsals again on the first Tuesday of September, and as ever, should you be interested in joining us (men especially) please feel free to come along and have a sing. We'd be glad to see you.