Monday, 15 October 2012

As Time Goes By...

Sorry, sorry. I know that I should have been updating far more often than I have been, my apologies.
Rehearsals are going well, note bashing is complete now for the most part, and we're trying to inject some shape and style into the pieces for our next concert. Bits of the Mozart and Handel pieces are sounding really good and the Parry is also getting there.

It had got to that time of year last week, the Christmas music books were handed out and we had a bit of a sing through some potential pieces for the Christmas concert. Not your standard Christmas carols but something a bit different, some immediately likeable, others more...challenging. It's a funny thing though, I've never actually ended up disliking any of the pieces I've sung with the choir since I joined and the challenging pieces are usually the ones you feel most smug about singing well on the night!

Tickets for the next concert are now available, as ever please see the website for more details or contact a member of the Chorale.