Tuesday, 18 September 2012

What's left of summer but a faded rose?

The kids are back at school, the weather has taken a turn for the worse and the Chorale have started rehearsals again after the summer break.

Rehearsals actually started last week, but I was enjoying the last rays of summer up in Northumberland so this week was my first week back. We had a run through of most of the pieces for the next concert in November and as usual it was mostly note-bashing. I got a bit concerned when it seemed as though any proficiency I'd managed in sight-reading had abandon me during the holidays, the first couple of goes were a bit scary - a case of hang on for dear life and just keep singing, but I was getting the hang of it towards the end.

Pieces for the next concert include Handel's  The King Shall Rejoice and Zadok the Priest, as well as other works by Mozart and Parry. I have to admit, like the Hallelujah chorus, I'm really looking forward to running Zadok for the first time.

Tickets for the concert will be available soon, and if you'd like to come along and join us on Tuesday nights at 7.30 at Westcliffe Church, Shipley, we'd be glad to see you.